Interactive marketing offers opportunities

We advise our costumers about the most effective ways to convey a message to contribute to greater awareness of a brand, product or service. Interactive tools ensure that your message comes in. What are the benefits?

  • Internet visitors often prefer a video rather than having to read texts.
  • Information is often better remembered.
  • You capture the attention of viewers more and provide interaction, for example on social media.
  • Videos can increase the findability of a website and the search results in Google.

Video, animation, image: it works

The possibilities for interactive marketing are large and are developing further and further. We think along with you about an application that is effective and distinctive. We develop:

  • Product videos
  • Corporate movies
  • Animations
  • Augmented Reality

In our portfolio you will find examples of our recent projects.

Do you have inspiration or a concrete idea about an interactive way to promote your company, product or service? Let us know and we will be happy to come up with a proposal.

More information: the possibilities and costs

The development of interactive advertising tools may seem expensive. That this can be better than expected, we show in our proposals. A film or animation can be used in several ways and can be used in different places. Online for a product presentation at a trade fair or for contacts with new customers.

Cocon Marketing also provides these services:

Do you want to know more about interactive marketing, the possibilities for your company or directly request a quote? Call or email us. We are happy to tell you more.