We bring brands and concepts to life

Marketing is about putting your brand (branding), product or service on the market. You want to reach new customers and continue to bind people who already buy from you. Therefore it convincingly convey your values, your benefits, your story – concepting – of great importance.

One opportunity for an indelible impression

We know through the specialization that we have built up in the textile and interior industry through our parent company Decostayle, that you have to tell the story behind your brand, product or service in a distinctive, creative way: after all, you have only one chance to create an indelible first impression.

We advise and deliver practically feasible creative concepts for, among other things, new house styles, product presentations and other branding. In the design, we therefore consider the various online and offline applications, so your story remains really one story. What else can you count on:

  • designs that are only used once;
  • concepts that are practicable, long-lasting and expandable;
  • clear quotations and interim feedback on possible extra costs.

If you want to know more about Cocon Marketing and what we stand for, please make a free introductory appointment or read more about us.

Convincing: how do we do that?

In order to be able to provide creative advertising for you, we will first have a conversation with you.

We translate your input into ideas to visualize your story. Ideas for a new logo, a new product line or a design for a corporate identity. Radiate what you stand for. That must be the convincing result.

Branding and concepting often manifests itself in online and offline advertising, videos and other interactive tools.

Cocon Marketing also provides these services:

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