Creative marketing: surprising and practical

Marketing is diverse. Presenting products or services in a surprising way, giving your brand a contemporary look or promoting a new development with your clients or customers, for example with a sparkling film or a new corporate identity.

Marketing is necessary to be able to market products and services well. This is a creative and practical process for Cocon Marketing. We offer effective solutions that can also be realized without an extensive marketing plan.

  • Online marketing

    Place your product, service or company convincingly in the online market.

Surprising advertising

You need a way to present your company, for example at a trade fair or at the entrance of your company premises. You can also be looking for a way to promote your organization with a website or brochure. Cocon Marketing offers advertising tools that suit you and surprise you. What do we do differently?

  • We look at all the ins and outs of your product or service, with a striking creative view from the outside.
  • We come up with several ideas and explore what makes you enthusiastic.
  • We never make the same design – not for you and not for competitors.
  • We are clear about the costs and do not give you any financial surprises.

Also good to know: we come from the floor and textile market for which we develop and produce product presentations. In addition to this specialization, we also like to take orders for other branches.

Would you like to know more about Cocon Marketing and the motives of our team? Read more about us here.

Looking for new perspectives

Om het beste in een merk, product of dienst naar voren te brengen, gaan wij op zoek naar verrassende invalshoeken en creatieve manieren om dat tot uiting te brengen. Hiervoor willen wij eerst alles over jouw organisatie en de producten weten.

Our creative process

Acquaintance and brainstorming





After a brainstorm session with several ideas, which we examine with you, we start with a design. We present the result of our creative to you, until you are 100% satisfied. We are curious how our creation works for you in practice and would like to hear everything about it in the course of time.

We will be happy to talk about the way we work and your wishes. Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.